Urban Beatz Bluetooth Speaker

Wednesday, March 15th 2017. | Bluetooth Speakers

Urban Beatz Bluetooth Speaker

The Urban Beatz Bluetooth Speaker can be one of the options for anyone who are looking for a Bluetooth speaker. Of course, a quality Bluetooth speaker will be really needed by a lot of people especially for them who love enjoying music, movies, and many others. The quality of sound will affect much there. That becomes the reason why finding the right product of the Bluetooth speakers is that necessary. One of them which can be a good idea to be the choice is the Bluetooth speaker products by Urban Beatz. Surely, people are able to easily find the products of Bluetooth speakers and getting some reviews will be a good way to find the right one. It also becomes the reason why here we are going to discuss and talk about some products of the Bluetooth speakers, especially by the brand of Urban Beatz. The review will helpfully help you to get an overview about the Bluetooth speakers and give you some ideas in making a right decision regarding to the Bluetooth speaker products which will be suitable the most to your need and condition. Considering the brand is not a big deal that is why before making a decision, knowing the brand first is a good thing to do.

About Urban Beatz

Perhaps we have heard about a lot of well known brands, and here we share about Urban Beatz. That is the brand which has a lot of types of products including the various types of Urban Beatz Bluetooth Speaker. Sure, there are some types of the products of Bluetooth speakers which we can find from this brand so be ready for some of them which we are going to share in the next part after this. This brand does not only have the products of speakers only but also various products, especially the products which are related to the gadget and electronics, as like power bank, headphones, smartphone car mount, and many others. Each of them is also available in some types of products. That is including their Bluetooth speaker products which are also available in some different types that are ready to choose. Below, we will share some of the types of the products Urban Beatz Bluetooth Speaker which can give you some overviews.

Urban Beatz Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Rock On Rugged

One of the products of Urban Beatz Bluetooth Speaker is this Rock On – Rugged series. That is one of the products of the Bluetooth speakers by Urban Beatz which can be one of the options to choose. It has some great specs including the weather proof and splash proof. The IPX-6 which is applied in this speaker has been certified to be able working through the snow, rain, and splashes. The feature of the power in six watts with its passive subwoofer makes it great as the outdoor or even indoor speaker. The battery life is extended to 8 hours, so the users do not need to recharge it again and again. The battery which is applied is rechargeable. There is also the built in speaker phone which enables users to enjoy taking the calls easily and enjoy the music without any interruption. Overall, the features of this Rock-On Rugged speaker are great as the kind of portable Bluetooth speaker.

There are some good points to obtain from this kind of Urban Beatz Bluetooth Speaker. One of them is of course about all of the great features which support this speaker as the portable speakers. It is including its long battery life which makes everything easier. The quality sound also becomes another good point even though it is a type of portable speaker. The weather proof feature of this speaker also becomes another good point of this product. It is especially for a portable Bluetooth so that it is great to be used both indoor and outdoor no matter what. The weather would not be the obstacle anymore. In addition, this Bluetooth speaker has the great design which not only looks modern yet minimalist but also has the great design with its silicone wrap on its body as the protection and makes it show resistant.

This Urban Beatz Bluetooth Speaker is one of the awesome products as the portable Bluetooth speaker because it is also really easy to use. It can be paired to your gadgets easily wirelessly as well, as like to your android devices, iPod, iPad, iPhone, and many more.

Urban Beatz Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Tundra 10 Watt Rugged

Another idea for the Urban Beatz Bluetooth Speaker is the Tundra 10 watts. This also offers a bunch of great specifications which are great as the Bluetooth speaker. As the wireless Bluetooth, it uses the advanced series of the Bluetooth which is the 4.0 technology. That supports optimizing the consumption of the power which is really low even still with the sound which is so clear. From its name, we already know that it is the 10 watts of the speakers which will be the great power for the indoor use or even to the outdoor. It uses the rechargeable battery which can last about seven hours. There is also the feature of built in microphone so that you can also easily take a call hands free comfortably without interrupting the fun. There is also the interesting feature of built-in battery backup. That can be to your devices as like your smartphone easily.

There are so many benefits offered by this type of Urban Beatz Bluetooth Speaker. One of the advantages is about the battery which is rechargeable and can last longer up to seven hours. In addition, when it runs out in sudden and we still need it to work well, we can easily use the battery backup powers from our devices, as like our tablet or even smartphone. That is one of the good point the users can obtain from this Bluetooth speaker. What about the design? As like other Urban Beatz speakers, it has the simple yet modern design which looks so stylish.

To use this device, it is really simple and easy. We can pair it to any kinds of devices, including the iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android Devices, and many more. That also will only take couples of seconds to connect to the device wirelessly. It may also be another good point as well for this Urban Beatz Bluetooth Speaker.

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