Sylvania Bluetooth Tower Speaker Reviews and Specs

Saturday, March 25th 2017. | Bluetooth Speakers

Sylvania Bluetooth Tower SpeakerSylvania Bluetooth Tower speaker is a kind of crucial speaker to deal with the compact sound system. It usually puts standing in the indoor area for entertaining activities like agenda, meeting, or parties. This is used to support a better sound system. If you are finding a tower speaker product, you can select Sylvania Bluetooth Tower Speaker. The tower speaker is amazing with some embedded features.

Review of Sylvania Bluetooth Tower Speaker

There are some kinds of Bluetooth speaker types in the market. The speakers can be portable or non – portable speakers getting appropriate for both outdoor and indoor area. Sylvania tower speaker is exclusively designed for party lovers expecting to hear very loud music. It has some fantastic features making speaker get comfortable using this tower speaker. Sylvania tower speaker stands amazingly and perfectly for any entertaining occasions. Sylvania has left sound effect from the system. The produced sound is easily manageable and controllable with incredible sound production.

Bluetooth connectivity in Sylvania Bluetooth Tower Speaker is seamless and big sound. For celebrating a special party, it is very convenient. You can invite your friends for a big party destroying surrounding sound. There are people who want to get complete high – end audio features for entertainment system. The support of sound system is very amazing. You can explore it for maximizing blog making. There is a blog dedicated for their needs.

This tower speaker is appropriate for those people who want to watch movies or listen to music loudly through television. Produced stereo sound is functional and very comfortable on your ears. Sylvania tower speaker is sold in online electronics store with different price ranges. You can buy it in the chosen online store with very low price. With the purchase of this speaker, you can get a television with louder sound. This is a huge masterpiece with Bluetooth feature and simple extender headphone cable.

Specifications of Sylvania Bluetooth Tower Speaker

There are some satisfying specifications in Sylvania Bluetooth Tower Speaker. The speaker is especially made with modern specifications. The specifications support the performance of this tower speaker well.

  • Dimension : 7 x 8.2 x 15.5 inch
  • Weight : 4.55 lbs
  • Sound : 2 x 4 inch of strong and powerful Hi Fi speaker for Stereo Sound
  • System : Separated EQ, bass, and treble control
  • Bluetooth Type : Wireless and Compatible Bluetooth to activate
  • Type : Portable speaker with top handle
  • Battery : Rechargeable battery
  • Button Type : Elegant control in front button

Some Positive Things about Sylvania Bluetooth Tower Speaker

In addition to those above specifications, you can recognize some positive things and primacies about this speaker. Those will influence your decision why you should take a choice of this Bluetooth tower speaker.

Strong Stereo Sound Production

When you buy a tower speaker for parties, the loudest sound production becomes a main consideration. The tower speaker should produce loud sound for supporting your party. Sylvania Bluetooth Tower Speaker is to be an ultimate choice. This is very strong and powerful for stereo sound production. It is rarely found a strong sound packed in an amazing tower speaker device. This is able to produce surround stereo sound for your party. The strength is packed with 4 inch of Hi Fi driver speaker playing the louder sound even high volume. This is designed to make your life colorful.

Classical Design

It is like its name in which it is created exclusively. A tower speaker of Sylvania is embedded by two drivers facing to the front spot. It has a classical design with blue background light adding magical beauty in the tower speaker. It is rarely happened and realized by guests because it becomes an attractive impression adding esthetic values during a party.

Portable Tower Speaker

Most of the people may seek a portable Bluetooth speaker. Sylvania Bluetooth tower speaker is a right product. It seems to look big and huge for your party. Moreover, if it is held freely, it is rather difficult. But, you will realize that you don’t rely on visualization to give credits on gadget. The size of this tower speaker may look bigger. However, the weight is only 4.5 lbs. The handle is letting you hold easily and bring it practically anytime and anywhere you want.

Outdoor and Indoor Use

Sylvania tower speaker is a multifunctional speaker product. It has ultra portable speaker feature designed to use in indoor area. Meanwhile, non – portable is used for big room and portable feature is suitable to limited area. This tower speaker serves people loving party. This stereo speaker gives high impacts of Hi Fi sound that is sufficient for big room, opened outdoor area, and every type of place that you want.

Long Durability

Sylvania Bluetooth Tower Speaker is categorized to be a long durable speaker. It provides 10 hour battery capacity. The backup time enables you to enjoy the entertainment and party running longer.

User – Friendly Look

Do you often have problems in Bluetooth speakers? The problems are usually related to settings of bass, treble, and EQ. Today, you don’t worry about the use of Sylvania tower speaker. You will have various ways to finish this problem. It has user – friendly buttons placed in the front sides so that it is easily adjusted settings that you want.

Elegant LED Back Light

Sylvania Bluetooth Tower speaker is not only producing loud sound but it also looks so super amaxing with blue back light.  This gives a perfect situation for a party at home.

Steps to Operate Sylvania Bluetooth Tower Speaker

Sylvania tower speaker understands you to get premium sound production for party. To use this tower speaker is very easy. Firstly, you need to check devices and features. If it is in a great condition, let’s plug in the cable. Then, turn on power button of tower speaker. Don’t forget to turn speaker on by using a top electricity box. After that, activate Bluetooth on the device to search available device in the menu list of speaker. If it is connected, it is ready to play your music in the party. Are you a party lover? Take Sylvania Bluetooth Tower Speaker.

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