Schlage Bluetooth Lock

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Schlage Bluetooth Lock

Schlage Bluetooth Lock is a security product created by Schlage. Schlage is famous security products that have advanced features. This brand is a product of the first rank security than the other ratings. This Schlage has optional reinforcement place with the right key. If you use this tool, you can install the plate before the strike plate. These objects are useful to increase security on your padlock. If there is someone who wants to try to break into your key from the outside, then the built-in alarm has a different sensitivity. You can set the sensitivity when the door is closed and opened. This alarm will sound very loud when the door was forced open. The most sensitive setting requires proper way. The touch screen on this device does not have a secure screen quick set that allows you to press two random numbers before entering the code. This is done to prevent a thief to guess the PIN. This tool offers a variety of options to unlock the access code on the touch screen by using mobile phones. You must install this app on iOS devices. These devices are also connected to Apple HomeKit so you can open the door just by talking to Siri on the phone. This tool does have physical security to the highest industry standards so that it is difficult to be vandalized by thieves. The price of the tool is approximately US $ 211. Smartphones have been successful in replacing the key to the door of your house. Schlage Bluetooth Lock has a very sophisticated security mechanism because it comes with eye scanner, a fingerprint, a pattern, password, and so forth. This device has many forms and offers a unique function. Schlage Bluetooth Lock has a very strong resistance, so you do not have to worry that this tool will be damaged by thieves.

Specification of Schlage Bluetooth Lock

You need to know the specifications of this product before purchasing Schlage Bluetooth Lock. Schlage has a variety of colors such as bronze, matte black, satin nickel, and trim. All of these tools are available at Century slim design and simple. Camelot Design trim can also be an option for the security of your home. The exterior locks have a touch screen keypad with the keyhole at the bottom. You can definitely feel the touch screen is very simple with white backlight is easy to see. If your door is exposed to sunlight, then you can still see the screen clearly. This button can prevent unsafe access. The button on the top panel can turn on the lights and the red indicator.

How to Use

Schlage Bluetooth Lock is only compatible with iOS version 8.4 or higher. This tool will connect with Apple Home Kit uses the access of the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone via the Bluetooth feature. Home automation system from Apple is still new and only a few devices that are compatible with this tool. This device has a unique application. Schlage Bluetooth Lock can control key, enter a new code, open the door, lock the door, and see the history of the time and the door opener. You can also connect the device to the Apple TV to set the remote lock. Locks only work with Bluetooth so the Apple TV should be about 40 feet from the key. You can control all Apple-based tools. You can set the lights to turn on automatically and so forth.

Schlage Bluetooth Lock

Favorite part of the tool arrangement is to use Siri to open the door. Schlage Bluetooth Lock is very fun because you only need to do it is to open the door quickly. Use of Siri can entertain you because you can count on a key code that is easy to remember. If you touch the existing Schlage symbol at the top of the screen, the backlight turns on and you can enter the code easily. If you see a green check mark which is in the lower left corner, then the door will open. If you want to lock the door, then you can simply press Schlage logo and the door would shut. If you have enabled auto-lock, then the door will lock automatically after 5 and 30 seconds when the door has been closed. You must create a user code consists of four to eight digits. You can store 30 codes so that you can give a code that is not limited to your friends. Your friends can access your home in just one day. You can also use other ways to open your door. If you control this key using the sensitivity, then you can unlock without using Apple TV. Terms you should do are HomeKit must be within Bluetooth range. You can press the red image and a locked padlock in the middle of the screen. You will be surprised when it appeared the lock symbol turns green within a few seconds. If you are using a different application, then you can still control the key. You can use the app to set the lock on the iDevices Schlage Bluetooth Lock. You do not have to worry about leaving home with a security system that is very complete. You can control the security of your home just by using the Smartphone. You can check your home security by looking at the existing history on the apparatus. You will know someone who has broken into your home.


Installation of Schlage Bluetooth Lock is very easy because you will be equipped with a simple guidebook. The first thing you should do is download the app on your mobile phone. You can watch the video for installing Schlage Bluetooth Lock. This tool can load all kinds of doors with different sizes. This device has an optional reinforcement plate that will make you be the extra secure lock. The guide sometimes does not show that the mounting plate is optional, so you can feel confused. It will only take about 20 minutes to install and set up the application key on your phone. If the lock is active, then you should do some tests to make sure that these keys can function properly. Schlage Bluetooth Lock has two preset codes that can be used straight out of the box. You can set the user code manually when you do not have Apple products that can be connected to the Apple Application HomeKit. This application can give you so much more interesting. If you want to connect to the network HomeKit, then you need to scan a code that you have entered into the lock.

The Good

The tool is compatible with HomeKit

Schlage Bluetooth Lock has the ability to give voice commands through Siri

Sari design tool is very sleek and simple

Schlage Bluetooth Lock has a stain-resistant keypad

The Bad

Schlage Bluetooth Lock must use Apple TV to get more advanced features

The instructions of the tool is not always intuitive

Only include Bluetooth

Those are some advantages and disadvantages of Schlage Bluetooth Lock.

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