Pool Speakers Bluetooth

Friday, April 28th 2017. | Bluetooth Speakers

Pool Speakers BluetoothBefore you wonder why anyone need Pool Speakers Bluetooth when a basic one would do the job just fine, think about what better way to spend your summer than a pool party with several of your best friends? I bet you nothing is better than that. Now that I’ve got your attention, think about whether or not your basic, conventional speaker could do the job better than this waterproof floating bluetooth speakers. Before you argue, let’s think about what would happen to your expensive speakers if the party got pretty rowdy and splashes of water got to it? It wouldn’t be pretty, would it?

This is exactly the reason why I finally decided to purchase Pool Speakers Bluetooth. I used to think these kind of speakers are unnecessary and just a waste of money, but after what happened two summers ago, I changed my mind. We all know how music is the life of a party, and in my first party it was nearly nonexistent. At first I thought I could just blast the music from inside my house, but we couldn’t hear anything – I took them out and that was a mistake. Not only did my pool party turn out to be a disaster, it also left me with severely damaged speakers.

Now that I have this bluetooth speaker, and let me tell you something, there is nothing more incredible than swimming and floating on an inflatable-float while streaming your favorite music wirelessly. This speaker does not only have incredible bass and audio, it also can be used in the swimming pool since it’s water-resistant and specifically designed to float on water. Not only that, this Pool Speakers Bluetooth also has multiple connectivity, remarkable lithium battery for 8-hour continuous use and an extremely long bluetooth range, so you no longer have to worry about your music being interrupted – almost seems too good to be true, isn’t it?

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