Polaroid Bluetooth Speaker Manual

Thursday, March 30th 2017. | Troubleshooting

Polaroid Bluetooth Speaker ManualPolaroid Bluetooth speaker manual is what you need to learn if you want to pair from your mobile phone to Polaroid Bluetooth speaker. Actually, the way to do it is easy.  Just follow the steps below and you use the files after pairing.

The Steps to Pair Bluetooth from Mobile Phone to Polaroid Speaker

If you want to pair your mobile phone to Polaroid Bluetooth speaker, you have to make sure that your mobile phone is Bluetooth enabled. Then, you can turn on the Bluetooth speaker and the Bluetooth of you mobile phone. To pair those two devices, you need to put them within 1 meter. When they are ready, you have to check the Polaroid Bluetooth speaker and enter the pairing mode. While following this Polaroid Bluetooth speaker manual, it is a must for you to turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile phone. Find the pairing devices by “search” feature. Wait for a few seconds until the searching process is complete. Then, check the list of the Bluetooth and find the Polaroid Bluetooth speaker model number. In this step, you should enter a specific pin code. You don’t need to take time to find the pin code because it is easy to memorize. What you have to type for the pin code is “0000”. Just continue the action by pressing “Yes” or “Confirm”. After pressing “Yes” it means you are pairing those two devices.

The Sign of Successful Pairing Process

When, you are successfully pairing the two devices, just check your mobile phone. Just check the list of Bluetooth devices and find Polaroid Bluetooth speaker. If you found it, choose it and press “Connect”. Now, change your focus to the Polaroid Bluetooth speaker. In this step, you have to check whether it is successfully connected or not. Check the blue LED to know the sign whether your mobile phone is connected to Polaroid Bluetooth speaker or not. You will see “L” button. Just press and hold the “L” button for a few second until the blue LED light flash. When it is connected, the blue LED on the Polaroid Bluetooth speaker will flash every 2 seconds. There is a case the process doesn’t work well. You don’t need to worry about that. Based on the Polaroid Bluetooth speaker manual, you just need to switch off the Polaroid Bluetooth speaker. Then, you can start to do the pairing process from the beginning until the pairing process is success.

What to Do If You Face Unsuccessful Pairing Process

As stated above, there is a case that the pairing process is unsuccessful. This Polaroid Bluetooth speaker manual will shows to you about how to solve this problem. Actually, you need to reset the Polaroid Bluetooth speaker first. There are several steps you need to do if you want to reset the Polaroid Bluetooth speaker. The first thing to do is checking the pairing mode. It is very important to check the pairing mode because several devices including Polaroid Bluetooth speaker only has one button. This single button is used for multifunction actions. The simple example is that you have to press in short time if you want to turn on or turn off. If you want to activate the Bluetooth, you have to press the button a little bit longer until the LED light on. This is what you have to make sure if there is a problem with the pairing process. Moreover, you also need to check the battery of those two devices. There is a case that the Bluetooth absorb battery a lot and if the battery is not enough, the device will turn on the Bluetooth automatically. Instead of forcing to turn on the Bluetooth, you can just recharge the battery first. Just wait until the battery is full and then try to pair the devices just like the manual above. Check the Polaroid Bluetooth speaker manual again. If the pairing process failed, there is a possibility that the power is down. This condition happens because Polaroid Bluetooth speaker is trying to activate the usual connection. It is done by the Bluetooth speaker automatically. Because of that you have to turn off the previous pairing process first to start a new one. By doing it, the Polaroid Bluetooth speaker has enough power to pair with new device. If you have already done the instructions above and it doesn’t work, you can decide to restart the devices. You may restart the Polaroid Bluetooth speaker and your mobile phone. Restart is useful to make the system back to the first time or the normal one. Then, you can start the pairing process back just like before. Just make sure that you are following the instructions above well and complete. If you are doing this pairing around the Wi-Fi router, it is better to turn off the router and find the place which far away from Wi-Fi router. In fact, Wi-Fi router can disturb the pairing process and it makes the process failed. It is also the same case if you are doing the process close to the latest computer or laptop. It is better to do the pairing process away from the laptop to make it success. The most important thing to do is that you have to make sure that you are using the latest version of Bluetooth. Using the latest version of Bluetooth or the standard one is very useful to make the process easier.

Basically, because you want to use Bluetooth whether from the mobile phone or the Polaroid Bluetooth speaker, check the Bluetooth is the most important thing. Just make sure that Bluetooth on the both devices is active and in a good condition. Then, you can follow the steps explained above carefully. Following it carefully will make the success level higher. Don’t get angry or confuse if it doesn’t work just like what you want. Just find the problem and fix it. You can read the instructions to fix the problem above. Do it one by one if you don’t know what to do or to begin. Anytime you have problem to pair Bluetooth of your mobile phone and Polaroid Bluetooth speaker, you just reread the Polaroid Bluetooth speaker manual.


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