Philips Bluetooth Speaker Walmart Reviews and Specs

Friday, March 24th 2017. | Bluetooth Speakers

Philips Bluetooth Speaker WalmartPhilips Bluetooth Speaker Walmart is a kind of speaker product. Do you want to listen to music? Listening to music will be more enjoyable if you use a Bluetooth speaker. The speaker is helpful to produce loud sound of music. Surely, it makes your days colorful. One of the recommended speaker products is Philips Bluetooth Speaker Walmart. The speaker is a main choice for entertainment purposes. This is the review of this Bluetooth speaker.

Review of Philips Bluetooth Speaker Walmart

Philips Bluetooth Speaker is a kind of speaker product from Philips brand. This speaker is suitable for ages above 7 years old. This speaker is sold on Walmart.Com. If you want to purchase it, you can open its website to order this amazing speaker. Philips speaker is an extraordinary speaker. It is rugged for entertainment activities. It is also water resistant in which you can bring it everywhere you go in a rainy or wet situation. The speaker sounds so powerful and loud so that you feel enjoyable listening to the music. Philips Bluetooth Speaker Walmart is an advanced and amazing audio performance producing powerful sound. This is exclusively designed with a rugged design. This is a designed for going and grabbing with anti – clipping functions. This speaker is simply and easily used with easy operation principles. Don’t worry for the outdoor use because it is water resistant and floating. It is durable for outdoor use. It is embedded by built – in rechargeable battery for playback. This has own strap to bring anywhere. This speaker is giving an amazing sound in big style. Music streaming from your smartphone can be done wireless through Bluetooth.  This is a short explanation of Philips Bluetooth Speaker Walmart.

Specification of Philips Bluetooth Speaker Walmart

Philips Bluetooth Speaker Walmart offers greatly embedded specifications. The specifications are supporting the running of this speaker. Here is the list of specifications.

  • Type : Built – In
  • Watts : 2.8 watts
  • Connector Type : Bluetooth, USB, Wired
  • Contained Battery Type : Lithium Ion
  • Battery Life : 5 hours
  • Interface Type : Bluetooth 4.0
  • Brand : Philips
  • Required Battery : Y
  • Recommended Location Usage : Indoor
  • Power Type : Battery
  • Assembled Dimension : 2.85 x 4.39 x 6.57 inches
  • Audio : 3.5 mm
  • Weight : 2.3 lbs
  • Sound System : Stereo

What Makes You Like Philips Bluetooth Speaker Walmart?

After you read the great specifications above, you realize that this speaker is amazingly great. This speaker has some primacies making everyone love this Bluetooth speaker. Here are some reasons why you should use this speaker.

Clean and Impressive Sound

To be a reliable speaker, Philips speaker is able to produce clear and clean sound. The sound sounds really nice on the ears. The clean sound production is supported for wireless music streaming via Bluetooth. Bass reflex speaker system also gives powerful sound effect and deep bass so that the produced sound tends to be great. You can listen to music impressively. This is a great primacy from this Philips speaker.

Sophisticated Flexibility

In addition to produce clean sound, Philips Bluetooth Speaker Walmart is very sophisticated. It has USB port for the charging of the other devices. The USB is useful for plug in laptop or television so that it is multifunctional. It is also supported by rechargeable built – in battery for music playback anywhere. This is certainly supporting your listening to music activities anytime and anywhere you want.

Simplicity in Usage

Do you find a simple speaker? If you are finding it, Philips Bluetooth Speaker is a great choice. This is one of simple speakers with easy usage. Simplicity in usage can be got from this speaker. It is operated very easy with some embedded features. It has audio – in for an easy connection for almost all electronics devices. One – touch feature is embedded. This is able to connect to NFC – enabled smartphone and Bluetooth pair. You can operate it simply and easily.

Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth feature is likely realized. Bluetooth becomes an embedded feature in this speaker. It is a short range for wireless communication system with low energy. You can listen and do entertainment activities comfortably. The technology and system eases you to have a simply easy wireless connection to some kinds of android like iPod, iPhone, iPad and the other Bluetooth devices in laptops, tablets, computers, and the other androids. Hence, you are able to enjoy your favorite songs, music, and sound from videos or games easily. Built – in microphones can be used for phone calls. You can listen to music along receiving phone calls using this speaker.

Bass Reflex Speaker System

Another reason why you select this speaker is due to the installation of bass reflex speaker system. It is giving deep bass experience from box system of compact loudspeaker. This is different from conventional box loudspeaker system in adding bass pipe acoustically with woofer to optimize low frequency. The low frequency can be got from roll – off system. The result is producing deep and controllable bass and low distortion. This system is working well with air mass resonation on the vibrating bass pipe like conventional woofer. This is possibly combined by response of woofer and system enlarging overall low sound frequency to create new dimension from deep bass. This is a primacy of Philips Bluetooth Speaker Walmart to know.

The Ways of Using Philips Bluetooth Speaker Walmart

It has been claimed that Philips speaker is easily and simply used. You can consider some ways in using this speaker. Firstly, turn on the power button of Philips speaker. Then, connect it to electronics devices like smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Then, you can play music or songs from those devices or song history in this speaker. You can enlarge sound power in this speaker. If you want to turn on this speaker, you need to concern on the battery power level. The power level determines the length of music playback. It is very simple, right. Those are some easy ways of using Philips Bluetooth Speaker Walmart.

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