Loudest Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Wednesday, March 15th 2017. | Bluetooth Speakers

Loudest Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers


Loudest Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers are created by Vava. You may think that the speaker with an expensive price must have a good quality sound but not with this speaker because the speaker has a very affordable price. This product aims to be a high-quality speaker at an affordable price. If you prefer a simple design, then this speaker is a perfect choice. This speaker has a conservative design and is only available in black. Loudest Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers does not have bright colors and flashy. The size of these speakers is 7.58 x 2.81 x 2:38 inches. Size is not an important thing in this theme. These speakers are tough because they have a scale of 1.5 pounds. The weight of the speaker is indeed proven to increase durability and sound quality of the speaker. Vava is in control of the speaker at the top. You can pause, play, and adjust the volume without missing a selection of songs you want. This is a very good opportunity, especially while having plenty of room for it. These speakers have a black button without equipped with backlighting so you will be hard to see. Users often use the help of light to find the right keys. You can see the micro USB port under cover at the back. The USB port can be used to charge mobile devices. The USB port is also used for the 3.5 mm auxiliary input.

Specification of Loudest Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

These speakers have an oval body that is extremely elegant with classic aluminum mesh that will surround speakers. You’ll find five speaker drivers are very sophisticated in this product. These speakers are always equipped with 2 x 65mm passive radiators, 1 x 70mm for the subwoofer and 2 x 40mm for soprano. The Speaker also has Bluetooth 4.0 technology with superb sound quality. You can feel the natural feel when pressing any buttons on the speakers. This speaker also comes with hands-free calling. This is one of the Loudest Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers are equipped with CVC technology 6.0. These speakers also have three different EQ modes namely Surround Sound, Party, and Standard. These speakers can work with devices that are not equipped with Bluetooth. You can certainly play a tablet and a Smartphone with a melodious voice. Loudest Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers has two ways of charging the micro USB 5V for 8 hours and DC 15V for 3 hours. This product has the NFC technology that allows you to pair. These speakers can survive for 10 hours without stopping. Batteries contained in this speaker are 6700mAh. These speakers have the IPX5 rating so that the speakers can withstand water. These speakers can still function in the water for 30 minutes. If you put this speaker for a few seconds under the faucet, then the speaker will continue to burn without any problem.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Vava Voom has become one Loudest Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers with bass very impressive. Bass in the speaker is able to produce the right balance in terms of treble. Bass for various types of songs will be echoed by the speakers. If you turn on the radio, then the pulse of the radio announcer voice will be sounded real. You can listen to all the sounds you want clearly. These speakers can play a very beautiful acoustic music and sound very realistic. You can listen to jazz saxophone classic shades of beautiful. You will be carried away in the warmth and depth of the music. Weakness possessed by this speaker output volume is limited. The maximum volume that can be issued by these speakers is 80 decibels. The sound produced by these speakers will not be distorted so that you can enjoy the quality of the audio. These speakers can be paired with an Android device using NFC. These speakers have a range of the wireless unit along 75 feet. These speakers produce a good sound to the speakers at an affordable price. The price of these speakers is lower compared to other brands. These speakers come with the application of sound tweaking and this speaker sounds better than other speakers at a bargain price. Loudest Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers.

How to Use

Loudest Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers with Vava Voom brand has become the speaker of choice for music lovers. These speakers are very easy to use. You have to hold the power button for two seconds to turn on the speaker. You have to press the power button for one second to turn off the speaker. You can press the button once to see the battery level in the speaker. Three LEDs at the top left of the power button indicates that the remaining power by 33% and it is easy to see. If you want to pair your device with this speaker via Bluetooth, then you can turn on the speakers and your device. You can remove the device and add the device to another. Bluetooth will switch about 10 seconds and beeps double. You can pair your phone using NFC. You can see the NFC logo is on the top of the speaker. Another button on the speakers will work as you expect. You can reject incoming phone calls to your device, terminate the phone, answer the phone, and play or stop the song currently playing on your device, and lower or raise the volume of the speaker. You can also change the song you want.

These speakers use the equalizer with three modes and toggling. USB out port can be found on the back of this speaker. Loudest Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers is a very powerful feature because you can fill your tablet or Smartphone from these speakers. You can charge your phone while listening to music through these speakers. You can perform a minor adjustment to adjust the equalizer on your mobile phone. The sound quality and range of these speakers is very good and sounded fun. You can listen to various genres of songs you want. Users can find the best sound quality by doing the easy setting. The sound from these speakers will sound crisp and clear. Surround, the party and the standard can be selected in accordance with your wishes. The party producing sound more emphasis on bass and higher volume. Surround will provide full sound effects. Standard mode to make the song sound good, but the party will make the piece becomes harder with the amazing bass boom. That’s the difference from the third equalizer contained in Loudest Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers.

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