Jabra Tour Bluetooth In Car Speakerphone

Sunday, March 19th 2017. | Bluetooth Speakers

Jabra Tour Bluetooth In Car Speakerphone

Jabra Tour Bluetooth In car speakerphone is a device to support our needs. In our daily activities, we like to use a headset or an earphone to enjoy our favorite music. Even when we drive, we like to listen to musics by playing it in the media player. While driving, sometimes we have to pick up a phone calls from someone. If we use our mobile phone while driving, that is dangerous. The solution is simple, we can use a bluetooth in car speakerphone.

Jabra, as a famous electronic product, has made a device called Jabra Tour. I personally happy when the device was arrived. First time I try to use it, I cannot understand how to use it. So I asked my friend how and I am happy to know that the device is not broken. After all of the hardships I endured, I have learned to use Jabra Tour Bluetooth in car speakerphone.

For the beginning, I started to listen music from my mobile phone using Jabra Tour Bluetooth in car speakerphone. The sound is pretty good for a little device. Then I started to call my mother with it. The initial connection response is a bit slow and the sound is not very clear. My mother’s voice is a little bit disturbed by this. I decide to not do something about it. The day after that, when I was listening to music, my friend calls me. The sound is scattered with this multitasking.

The bluetooth is also less practical. The connection range is rather disturbing. When I am in my room, the bluetooth is still connected with the device where the motion sensor should be turning off the Jabra Tour. The bluetooth range should be only within around 2 metres from the device, so this instance does not happen. Below is  the continuity of my review on Jabra Tour Bluetooth in car speakerphone.


Jabra Tour Bluetooth In car speakerphone is a very sophisticated device. It is only requires bluetooth to connect with your smartphone. There is also a built-in motion sensor. This sensor makes sure when the user are in the bluetooth range of Jabra Tour, it will turn on by itself and vice versa. Jabra Tour also has a long lasting battery life. It could stay on within 20 hours of phone calls and stand by for 60 days. Within the packaging box, it includes a main charger and a USB cable. The weight of this product is only 135 grams. The bluetooth version is already use 3.0. The speaker from the device is a 3 watt speaker. The device also gives you a guidance while pairing, connecting and reporting the battery status just like the other Jabra device.

Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantages of Jabra Tour Bluetooth in car speakerphone is the fact that it is a very simple device. The device also has a medium price. It is very affordable for a car driver. Jabra Tour is easy to use. Although there is an instruction inside the packaging box, I think every millennial could use this device. The size is rather small, your friend will not be able to see it at first sight. The button is very simple and easy to use, you can press it while driving without it bothering your trip. There is also a built-in motion sensor to turn on and off the device automatically. You can use your voice to command as well, to answer or reject an incoming call for example. Overall, the device is pretty useful.

If there is an advantages there will be a disadvantages. Jabra Tour Bluetooth In Car Speakerphone does have a multi connection bluetooth. However, the connection is often disturbed when two devices is working a different task. For example: You have a phone that connected with this device and you use it to receive calls. Then you have another device to listen to musics. Both of them are connected to Jabra Tour Bluetooth In Car Speakerphone. When you listen to the music and receive a call, the sound will be scattered each other. To sum the disadvantages, I think the device have a problem with multi connection-task.

How to Use It

When you open the Jabra Tour Bluetooth in car speakerphone packaging box, take out the device. Try to turn on the device by pressing the power button for a moment. Check the battery sometime to prevent a self disappointment. Next, try to pair the Jabra Tour with your device/smartphone/mobile phone/any bluetooth supported device.

To pair with a new device simply turn on the Jabra Tour Bluetooth in car Speakerphone and bluetooth on your mobile phone. Open your bluetooth setting on your mobile phone. The device will need a password. Enter 0000 for the initial password. After this first time pairing, your paired mobile phone will automatically connected with Jabra Tour if your mobile phone is within the range of Jabra Tour’s bluetooth.

While connected to Jabra Tour Bluetooth in car speakerphone, you can play music, GPS guidance, and so on. You also can receive an incoming call on your mobile phone. Just press the call button on Jabra Tour once and you can make a call, answer call, end call and reject a call. By tapping twice, you could redial the last number you called. When you want to hold the call or switch between the held call, you can hold press the call button for approximately 2 seconds.


The Jabra Tour Bluetooth In Car Speakerphone is very simple and sophisticated. Any electronical maniac will like this device. Although the multi connection-task is disturbed, the sound from its speaker is very nice. Why is this device is important? I can say that this is not that important like a primary needs. It is just a peripheral device to help you answer a call when you are driving a car. The motion sensor is working properly but if you forget to turn it on the Jabra Tour will continue to connect with your mobile phone. Maybe that is all for the Jabra Tour Bluetooth in car speakerphone.

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