iWave Bluetooth Speaker Review for Features

Monday, March 13th 2017. | Bluetooth Speakers, iWave

iWave Bluetooth SpeakerAre you looking for a smart speaker with smart features? Well, now you have the right choice coming from Apple. The iWave Bluetooth speaker has made its launch and received a lot of attention. We all know already how Bluetooth speaker has made a new trend but iWave is somehow the smartest speaker of all. Of course, the fact that it is Apple behind the making of this device is already a convincing reason. Apple never disappoints when it comes to make a smart device. It applies with this speaker as well. It looks great and works great. What a device to have!


Bluetooth Connection

Amazing is the right word to describe this speaker. As the name suggest, Bluetooth connection is its main feature. Of course, this feature comes in handy. It allows the users to easily stream their favorite music through their device. There is no manual thing needed to do. Even if you are few meters away from the speaker, nothing can prevent you from listening to your favorite music through the speaker. This way, it saves your time and effort. What other things that this iWave Bluetooth speaker has? There are still lots of features that it offers. Let’s take a look closer.

Water Resistant

Here is another feature. This iWave Bluetooth speaker is water resistant. Exactly, it’s an actual feature that definitely works. Of course, it makes a perfect unit to bring when you are in the pool and want to listen to music while swimming. You can simply put it by the pool and have no worries about the speaker getting damaged due to water splash. Or, you can also bring it with you while you are having a nice warm bath in the bathroom. Put it by the sink or your tub as you lay inside the tub with aromatherapy candles lit around you. What a perfect way to end the day, right?

Here is the fact you should learn. Water resistant is not a feature that you can easily find in other speakers. The fact that you find it in iWave Bluetooth speaker is a proof how advanced this speaker is. This feature again makes another reason why iWave is worth the price. Well, even though it is a bit more expensive than other Bluetooth speakers but it does have a variety of features that other speakers do not have. With the choice in your hand, whether you want to buy cheap speakers but lack of features of expensive speaker but is packed of advanced and fully functional features.

Great Battery Life

What you want from a wireless speaker is great battery life. This is undeniably important feature because you certainly do not want to have to charge it every few hours just because it is run out of battery while you are still in the mood for listening to your favorite music. Poor battery life can ruin your mood and force you to buy another speaker. Such thing will never happen with iWave Bluetooth speaker. Apple has done its best effort to give super battery life for users’ convenient just like what they have done to other products like iPhone and iPad. This way, you can charge only once a day before you go to bed. Then, the speaker is ready to be used the next morning for a whole day.

Beautiful Sound

Good quality sound is undeniably important when it comes to speaker. Despite of high advanced features, the quality of the sound always comes first. That is the reason why every user checks the sound of the speaker before they buy it. This time, you will get a super satisfying result when you check the quality of the sound coming out from iWave Bluetooth speaker. It is beautiful and very high in quality. It is powerful yet crisp. It can make beautiful sound from any kinds of music, be it a classic song to rock music. This speaker definitely has what it takes to give a perfect sound quality. In fact, the sound is also powerful enough for this speaker to be used in small to medium room. Therefore, you can use it while exercising in a studio. In other words, it has great lows, mids and highs.

Excellent Portability

One of the greatest features of every portable speaker is its portability. This time, again iWave never disappoints. You definitely cannot go wrong with this speaker. Its size is perfectly small that it makes it very easy to keep it inside the bag. Meanwhile, its compact design allows this device to easily fit in any kinds of boxes’ shape. If you cannot afford particularly designed box for iWave Bluetooth speaker, you can use any box to keep this speaker. This way, you will have no issues regarding the storage.

Easy Control

Here comes another great feature that adds more values to iWave Bluetooth speaker. This particular speaker allows you to control the volume and music playback from afar. Yes, there is no need for you to get close just to reduce the volume or play the previous song. Instead, you can do it from your device that is connected to the speaker. From instance, if you connect your iPhone with iWave, simply do this task through iWave app that has been installed in your iPhone. This way, it makes a very convenient use so you will not get tempted to buy another Bluetooth speaker because iWave has made the perfect choice.

Well, despite of those great features, there may be one drawback yet not a significant one. This speaker doesn’t allow you to take calls from this speaker even though it is connected to your device. It confirms that iWave only works as speaker. However, this is a drawback that other Bluetooth speakers have. Therefore, it is non-negotiable. After all, what you need from a speaker is to let you listen to songs and movies with powerful, high quality sound, right? So, this drawback doesn’t really count because it doesn’t exactly reduce your satisfaction. iWave Bluetooth Speaker.

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