Ihip Side Swipe Bluetooth Headphones Reviews and Specs

Sunday, March 26th 2017. | Bluetooth Headphones

Ihip Side Swipe Bluetooth HeadphonesIhip Side Swipe Bluetooth Headphones is the flagship product of Ihip. Ihip has become the spearhead of the electronics industry for over 10 years. The company has worked hard to meet customer expectations. Ihip has made the manufacture of the product through design, technology, and innovation is excellent. This is the ihip mission to provide the best products to the consumer because of the current products on the market are still far from the expectations of consumers. Quality products on the market still have a high price. Ihip strives to create quality products with very affordable prices for all consumers. This company does not just want to be a trend but set the electronics industry in 2016.


One of the products that make consumers feel satisfied is Ihip Side Swipe Bluetooth Headphones. This product has a sleek design and gets a touch of sophisticated technology. You can skip to the next track and adjust the volume of the song with just the swipe of your finger. This product is very easy to use and will be directly attached to the existing Bluetooth connection on your device. This product has a built-in microphone so you can receive a phone call while listening to the song and this product could also be a gaming headset. It is the perfect companion for all your devices. This product is designed with advanced technology so that the product will connect wirelessly to Bluetooth on the tablet, iPod, iPad, and smart phones. This product can still be connected within a maximum of 33 feet or 10 meters of wireless range. If your device does not have Bluetooth, then you do not need to worry. You can still use this product because this product has a cable connection to devices that are not equipped with a Bluetooth connection. These products are rechargeable and last for 9 to 10 hours. This product has a lithium-ion battery that is durable and has a very good performance. You will get a pair of headphones, carrying case, cleaning cloth, extra cable 3.5 mm for devices without Bluetooth, and USB cable 3.5 mm to fill these headphones. Bluetooth can be enabled for the DISH Hopper, iPad, smart phones, and tablets. This product uses touch to select songs and control the volume of the song.


If you love listening to music, then you must be very aware that thing called with headphones. Headphones are ear buds are attached to the ear. Typically headphones can be connected to various digital devices such as iPods, computers, radios, smart phones and mp3 player. This product can be connected with or without wires. Headphones have two forms. The first form is headphones that cover both ears and shape are earphones that are only used at the edges of the ear hole. We recommend that you only use headphones when listening to a song or watching a DVD at home because of the size of these headphones is large enough so that you would be a hassle when using this product for mobile. Headphones can produce better sound quality than the earphone. If you are using headphones, the air circulation in the ear will remain smooth for headphones provide a gap between your ears. Ihip Side Swipe Bluetooth Headphones also has shortcomings. Some users feel flushed and hot ears after using headphones. This is due to the headphones used for too long without a break.

How to Use

How to use this product is very easy. You simply connect the cable to your device or turn on Bluetooth contained on your device and headphones. Your device will search for the Bluetooth connection. You may not use Ihip Side Swipe Bluetooth Headphones for a long time because it will endanger your health. If you want to go outside the house, then you can use the earphones due to the size of the product is smaller than the headphones. If your ears are sensitive, then you may not use the earphones as it may cause pain in the eardrum. Earphone also can damage the fine hairs in the ear hole.


Ihip Side Swipe Bluetooth Headphones have a wide range of highly advanced features. This product is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and lasts for 10 hours. This product is equipped with touch technology so you do not have to bother to adjust the volume and select songs. These headphones are also equipped with Bluetooth. Bluetooth connection is compatible with Smartphone. This product uses EVA carrying case. These headphones are foldable and portable. In this product has been equipped with a microphone. The batteries used in this product have a 3.7-volt power. Bluetooth contained in this product is version 3.0. The Bluetooth can reach up to 10 meters. This product only requires a charging time of about 2 hours and you can already use the headphones for 10 hours. These headphones can provide 118 dB sound pressures. Input power required by these products is up to 1000 mW.

IHIP Warranty

All products created by IHIP have the official warranty. If you buy this product, then you will also get the official guarantee. This warranty has requirements that must be obeyed by all consumers. If you get a defective item, then you can return the product and ihip will replace the new products in a short time. Your products must be registered in the official serial number of ihip to get a warranty. This warranty cannot be used on products that are damaged due to the accident, misuse, unauthorized repair, installation, improper storage, modification, and so forth. Damage unofficially will eliminate the function of your warranty. You have to buy headphones at the official store of ihip get recognition for products purchased in the online store are not always genuine. There are many online stores that make counterfeit products for profit. Fake headphones have poor quality. Your ears will have a bad impact on the use of headphones. These impacts can be ongoing and affect your hearing system. You certainly do not want to pay more for treatment for your ears. The original product must have the best quality and to reduce the risk of damage to your ears. The original product is certainly convenient to use in a long time. If you want to buy headphones, then you can buy these products at the official store or shop online with a good reputation. You should take the time to look for original Ihip Side Swipe Bluetooth Headphones.

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