ihip Bluetooth speaker

Monday, March 20th 2017. | Bluetooth Speakers

ihip Bluetooth speaker

When you need a wireless speaker, IHIP Bluetooth speaker can be your best choice. Nowadays, there are so many types of speaker, but it may require some steps to be used, even some speakers need difficult steps to connect with other device. Different from various types of speaker, IHIP Bluetooth speaker offers easy steps to connect device to speaker. Read the information below to know more about IHIP Bluetooth speaker.

IHIP Bluetooth Speaker Review

Have you heard about IHIP Bluetooth speaker? IHIP is popular brand that always produces high quality product. Talking about IHIP Bluetooth speaker, it is new product from IHIP that has various features. The point is, it will fulfill your expectation about useful speaker that can be used through Bluetooth connection.

As we know that nowadays wireless devices become favorite device for many people. IHIP Bluetooth speaker comes as speaker that can be used through Bluetooth connection. It can be favorite speaker for many people because easy to use. There are so many reasons that make this Bluetooth speaker become favorite for many people.

First, IHIP Bluetooth speaker can produce massive sound. Although the size is not big, but it produces massive sound. It is the solution for you who want to play music with high volume. Second, the sound of music or audio file that is played through this speaker is amazingly clear. So, you will be satisfied when playing audio file through this speaker.

Not only that, IHIP Bluetooth speaker comes as elegant speaker which has on-the-go design. With its design, you can put this speaker in your favorite place without disturb the view of your favorite place. Even, this speaker will make your favorite place looks more interesting.

IHIP Bluetooth Speaker Specifications

Now, let’s we talk about IHIP Bluetooth speaker specifications. As mentioned before, this Bluetooth speaker has on-the-go design and produces clear and massive sound. Actually, those are just some specifications of IHIP Bluetooth speaker. There are still many specifications that will make you attract to buy IHIP Bluetooth speaker.

IHIP Bluetooth speaker can connect to various devices, such as phone, tablet, laptop, and many more. It can works well with iPod, iPhone, iPad and most Smartphone. So, you can save your audio file or video file in various devices, and every device can connect to this Bluetooth speaker. Whenever you need high volume, this speaker can be used easily.

Not only that, IHIP Bluetooth speaker has other useful specification because you can answer call while listening music, video and many more. This Bluetooth speaker is also completed by 5 hours built-in rechargeable battery. If you use this speaker with small volume, the battery will last longer. You can also use this device from a distance of 10 m because it has 33 ft of wireless range.

Other specifications of IHIP Bluetooth speaker are 2×45 drive units, 3.5 mm Bluetooth connectivity, 3W amplifier power, and 150 HZ-20 kHz frequency response. This Bluetooth speaker also contains USB cable, removable handle, and 3.5 mm aux cable. So, no wonder if many people will choose this speaker because the specifications are so complete.

The Advantages of IHIP Bluetooth Speaker

We have mentioned the specifications of IHIP Bluetooth speaker and know various features of this Bluetooth speaker. Now, let’s we talk about the advantages of IHIP Bluetooth speaker. Actually, you will be very satisfied when having this speaker. Why? Read the reasons below to know the answer.

First, you can hear massive sound when playing your audio or video file. It is so useful for you who want to play your audio or video file with high volume. When you want to watch video with your family or friends, this speaker will give you easiness to get massive sound when the video is playing. So, you can create home theater nuance in your home.

Second, IHIP Bluetooth speaker give you easiness because you can play your audio or video from a distance of 10 m. It means you don’t have to put your phone near with speaker. You can enjoy playing music and video from a distance 10 m. So, you will be very happy because of it.

Third, on-the-go design of IHIP Bluetooth speaker will be very useful for you. This Bluetooth speaker is small and light enough, so it makes you easy to put it in various places. For you who need speaker when you are traveling, this speaker can be the choice for you. On-the-go design will make you easy when bringing it to your destination.  So, you can play music or video with high volume in various places. Just bring it to your destination, and connect it with your device via Bluetooth. And then, you can enjoy massive and clear voice of your audio or video file.

How to Use IHIP Bluetooth Speaker

As mentioned before, IHIP Bluetooth speaker will not make you feel difficulty when operating a Bluetooth speaker. Using IHIP Bluetooth speaker is really simple. Because the design is also simple, it means you can use it easily without doing difficult steps.

If you want to connect your laptop to IHIP Bluetooth speaker, you just need to turn on IHIP Bluetooth speaker. And then, turn on the Bluetooth of your laptop. After that, check the list of Bluetooth that connect to your laptop. When you find IHIP Bluetooth speaker in the list, you have to choose it. Finally, your laptop and IHIP Bluetooth speaker has connected. You can play the music or video on your laptop, and you can hear the massive and clear sound from IHIP Bluetooth speaker.

For you who want to connect IHIP Bluetooth speaker with your phone, just doing the same steps as mentioned before. But, you have to connect Bluetooth of your phone. And then, search for the name of IHIP Bluetooth speaker in Bluetooth list. Then, you have to choose it. Finally, your phone and IHIP Bluetooth speaker has connected.

Well, those are some information for you about IHIP Bluetooth speaker, the review, specification, the advantages and also how to use it. We can conclude that IHIP Bluetooth speaker has useful features and can be the choice of us who need elegant and useful Bluetooth speaker. Finally, hopefully the information about IHIP Bluetooth speaker above will be useful for you.


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