Ihip Bluetooth Headphones

Sunday, March 19th 2017. | Bluetooth Headphones

Ihip Bluetooth Headphones

If you are looking for a reliable headphone that you can wear without even thinking of getting around the cord problems, then why not get yourself Ihip Bluetooth headphones? For me and for some other people out there in the world, corded headphones are a thing of the past. Remember when everything need cables for it to work? You must have faced problems with cables. Sure there are lessons on cable management, but why put yourself in all of that hassle when there are cordless headphones out there? Yes you heard me right, mate. Cordless headphones, which perhaps were something that might come from a science fiction media, are now available for you to buy in your nearest department store, electronic store, or perhaps online store. With cordless headphones, kiss your cords and cord problems goodbye, as you are no longer living in the era of problems, but in the era of simpletons and simplified things.

But when we are talking about cordless headphones, surely there are lots of things like that in the world out there. You can now find cordless headphones everywhere, and they came in many types. The Bluetooth ones came to mind, as they are pretty easy to find even in a store that only sell cheap and fake electronics. There are lots of Bluetooth headphones for sale, but is there a product that is worth mentioning? In the world of electronics, there are products that are better than the other, and headphones are not exempt from that rule. There are good headphones, bad headphones, and ugly headphones, so which one you should choose? My answer is simple: Ihip Bluetooth headphones.

Now, now why did I choose Ihip Bluetooth headphones? The answer is pretty easy actually. Headphones made by Ihip are pretty much solid both in price and quality. Why did I said those words? Surely there are reasons for me to say so, and I will tell you all about them in this article. If you are interested in buying yourself a wireless headphone, you may read this article in all of your convenience. Perhaps I can help you.

Ihip Bluetooth Headphones in General

So what company is Ihip? At first, I was caught by surprise when I heard this company. I never heard of this company before, and I always thought that the best headphones are made by that particular company with the same name as that international rapper/singer. I was a bit nervous when I first put Ihip Bluetooth headphones on my ears, not expecting a good quality from an unheard second grade headphones manufacturer. To my surprise, the headphone is actually pretty good.

When I say pretty good, I mean it can compete with other headphones out there in the market. Ihip Bluetooth headphones, though they are not built as powerful and as clearer as perhaps that particular famous headphone manufacturer, are worth the bang for your buck. Let us go into the details to see what you would be getting by choosing yourself this headphone.

Specs, the Good, and the Bad

If we are talking about specs, then it is obvious that Ihip Bluetooth headphones are not particularly stronger than that other headphones. One model of Bluetooth headphone from Ihip, the BT3, boast a 4 hour work time and you need 2 hours to charge the headphone to full power. The thing got a built-in micro SD card slot and a built-in pause and play microphone. They come in two colours, the WRB (white red black) and the BR (black and red). Let us take an in-depth look on the specs above.

The BT3 is one of the flagship product in Ihip Bluetooth headphones department. The BT3 is cordless (obviously), and you need to charge it each time it ran out of power. You can use it for four hours before it ran out of battery, and you have to charge it for two hours for it to reach the full capacity. This in my opinion, is a bit overwhelming. I did not say it is bad, but it is not that good either. On the energy efficiency department, this headphone is not that good, but not THAT bad. Balance is always perfect, but perhaps that rule is not applicable in this situation.

Now let us talk about the built-in stuffs. The BT3 of Ihip Bluetooth headphones comes with a built-in micro-SD slot and a built-in pause and play microphone. What does these features mean? With the built-in micro-SD slot, you can actually slot in your micro-SD and hear the songs in there in an instant. If that is not a selling point for you, then I do not know what should a Bluetooth headphone have in order for you to want to buy it. Oh, it also got its own play and pause microphone. What is a play and pause microphone, you ask? It is a microphone that you can use to order the headphone to stop or to play the music. Simple.

The BT3 came in two colour pallet: the WRB, which is a combination of white, red, and black, and also the BR, which is a combination of black and red. Colour is more of a subjective matter concerning Ihip Bluetooth headphones, so I would not delve further into the topic.

Last but not least, the bucks. All of Ihip Bluetooth headphones are reasonably priced in my honest opinion. When other good headphones my cost you a hundred dollars minimum, you can get lots of Bluetooth headphones from Ihip with only 50$. The price may go to 100$, but you can get a higher quality headphone from Ihip with that amount of money.

How to use Ihip Bluetooth Headphones

If you were not familiar with using headphones, then you would not be familiar with Ihip Bluetooth headphones. Using a headphone is simple really, and the rules apply to both corded and cordless headphones. You just have to put the muffs around your ears and you are good to go.

So there you have it folks. Ihip Bluetooth headphones are the best alternative for you if you ever find yourself in need to purchase a headphone with a not-so-high price range.

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