How to Connect Phone to TV Using Bluetooth

Monday, April 3rd 2017. | Troubleshooting

How to Connect Phone to TV Using BluetoothTech Knows: How to Connect Phone to TV Using Bluetooth

You are a fan of movies, yet you are too lazy to move the data from your phone to your TV? — Don’t worry, you can always learn how to connect phone to TV using bluetooth. Say thanks to bluetooth, everything is easier for us now. We do not even have to waste much times for such things such as waiting for the data to be copied over and over again before we can actually watch or use it.

How to connect Phone to TV using bluetooth comes out in various ways! You can use many tools, since these days the electronic shops provide many devices to fulfill our daily needs. For examples, you can grab the cables, and connect it with the TV manually. However, this might be a little bit too old fashioned for you, since the newest update is available. Not only that, why bothers with cable when you can go wireless?

How to connect Phone to TV using bluetooth can be done with Harmony Smart Control. It is the latest invention which allows the system that your phone and TV have to stay connected, only by using bluetooth! First, you need to install Harmony Smart Control on your home. The wide range depends on what kind of setup you have on your TV, and also what types of entertainment you would like to gain — is it for video games, netflix, youtube or them all? After it is installed, you only have to download Harmony Smart app in your android or iPhone, and sync it up with the Harmony Smart Control to connect the bluetooth. It is done! It may come a little bit expensive rather than the old tools, but good things always come in good price, right? The question how to connect Phone to TV using bluetooth is answered as now you can stream everything you want!


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