Homespot Nfc Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver Reviews and Specs

Monday, March 27th 2017. | Bluetooth Receiver

Homespot Nfc Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Homespot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver can play music through your phone. You can listen to music wirelessly. This is a home stereo system equipped with Bluetooth. You can listen to high-quality audio without any disturbance. All the sounds emanating from mobile phones or other devices can be accepted quickly through this device. You can also play CDs and listen to the sound of your speakers. It is the freedom to listen to music and moving in your home. You can adjust the music stream up to a distance of 66 feet or 20 meters. These devices can be installed easily. You only need to insert this device into your stereo. How to connect this device is also very easy. You only need to press one button and the device will be directly connected to other devices. If your phone has NFC, then you only need to press a button to an audio receiver hotspot. This method is useful to make an instant connection. Other devices that do not have NFC, such as computers can be connected using a Bluetooth connection. Such devices will be connected with Bluetooth audio contained in speaker. This device can be installed properly on many phones. This device will be directly connected with the Sony Xperia V, Xperia TX, Nokia 701, Samsung, Google Nexus 4, and so forth.


Installation pairs the app and tap the app contained in Homespot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver must use a minimum of Android OS version 4.0. NFC is the hardware support provided by your mobile phone. The application can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store. You can make complaints on NFC Forum specifications. Mobile phones are already equipped with OS Jelly Bean does not require the application to install a Bluetooth NFC. You can ask the store to pair these devices in your home.

Product Features

The device is equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 and EDR that supports the A2DP profile. This device has a wireless work very superior. These devices can transmit signals up to 66 feet so you do not need to go anywhere these devices to set to music. The application will connect the receiver with Android, Nokia, and Windows 8 have facilities NFC. The device is equipped with a plug for every A / V receiver. The device also uses UL-plug AC adapter. The device is equipped with a 3.5 mm jack. Speaker is in this device functions via standard RCA. The device also has a very nice stereo system. This device will play music in your home wirelessly from Smartphone that has been supported by Bluetooth. This device will be directly connected quickly to Android, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. You can get help from professional store employees to identify problems that occur when you install this device. You should not be afraid to ask the store about the installation procedure of this device. You can ask for the help of the store to install this device. Homespot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver is a device that is most in demand for the device is very practical and provides advanced features that correspond with the wishes of the consumer.

Product Advantages

This device has many advantages. You can read a great review given consumers after using this device. This device has Bluetooth 4.0 that can be connected either to the 2.1 EDR. The device is also powered with A2DP so you can store up to eight devices at once. This is an amazing device. You must have these devices in your home. You will not regret having bought this device and feel ease when using this device. This device is the best solution for listening to music without having to experience the hassles. You do not need to install anything complicated in your home because the device is very simple. This device has an auto back to last when the devices are paired and in conditions of power-ups. The device also has a Fast Stream and low latency codec that can synchronize audio while you play video. You can see the video that you want without having to adjust the sound. You will not run out of time wasted because of the thought of poor audio system. Homespot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver is a highly sophisticated device. This device can perform the settings automatically so that the volume of the audio output corresponding to the input RCA audio system and a two-digit identifier AV receiver in the Bluetooth device to the receiving installation.

Maybe you still feel hesitant to buy this device. If you see the advantages of this device, then you will not hesitate and immediately buy this device. You will definitely find the same devices on the market but only a device that can provide the best audio quality for you. If you do not believe, then you can try the device in your home. All Bluetooth speakers who have been compared to these devices cannot beat the quality of sound produced by this device. This device has been successfully issued the most amazing sound quality. Music heard by the consumer has a lot of combinations. Sometimes the music needs to be compressed so that the sound quality of the music to be bad but this device will not let you down. Music that has gone through the compression process still produces amazing sounds. The combination of wireless is very helpful to improve the sound quality of the music. Music with low quality can still be heard well. This is one of the best advantages not shared by other devices. This device has a cheaper price than other Bluetooth speakers. You can save money by purchasing this device. This device also has a longer range than the other speakers. You can set the device about 50 feet and you can use a variety of different transmitters. Samsung Galaxy has the ability transmitters are high enough when paired with this device. If you use another device, the range is given not to the extent of this device. Other devices only have a range of fewer than 15 feet and it was terrible because you cannot move freely in your home. You cannot enjoy the music you want in your home. These devices have a small size so you can put the device in the bookshelf and will not make the room stuffy. Users never tried to listen to music at maximum volume. This device was found to emit these sounds fine with no distortion. That’s the magic that only advantages possessed by Homespot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver.

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