Pairing Bose Bluetooth Headphones – Easy Steps

Tuesday, April 4th 2017. | Troubleshooting

Pairing Bose Bluetooth HeadphonesYou just bought a cool stuff, and you want to try pairing Bose Bluetooth headphones to your device? You have picked the right choice! Nowadays, wireless headphones become the stars, as you can bring it everywhere and calm your nerves by listening to music. You are able to keep music company in whatever you do: jogging, cooking, or even doing exercise — everything! And you know what is good? Say bye bye to wires!

The steps might come in different varieties, since it depends on what device you are going to take. But, first step you can take in pairing Bose Bluetooth headphones is to check that your bluetooth device is available to get tracked. Turn it on, before then you work on your headphones. Put on the headphones, and look for the power button on the right earcup. There will be a symbol of bluetooth, and you can either try to either press on it, or slide it up — depends on what types of headphones you get. Wait for some time until the navigation operator gives you a notification. It will say, “ready to pair” as you the bluetooth indicator will turn blue. After all bluetooth on both your headphones and device are activated, you can select “pair with <the name of your headphones>”. Later on, they will notify you again. This time, you will hear “connected”. If nothing happens, you have to check the bluetooth indicator again. If this time it turns white, then that means your devices are connected and ready to be used.

When pairing Bose Bluetooth headphones to your devices, take notes that you might need to do more than that. Thus, it will always be smart to check the manuals that your devices have, so you are able to surpass the diversity. After all, pairing Bose Bluetooth headphones is so easy that even your 8 year old son will be able to do it by himself!


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