Does the Xbox One Have Bluetooth

Saturday, April 1st 2017. | Bluetooth Controllers

Does the Xbox One Have Bluetooth

Gamer’s Guide: Does the Xbox One Have Bluetooth?

If you often spend your time to play games, then you must have been wondering about this: does the Xbox One have bluetooth? Playing games might be an activity that you enjoy the most, since it can relax the tension and set your mind free. Moreover, if you use wireless controllers, you will be able to move around more freely. It will even be better if you can connect it to your PC via bluetooth, since you might have many games installed over there. Don’t worry! You can always stay connected and have fun with that!

If you buy the controllers that support bluetooth, then it will not be hard to answer the question does the Xbox One have bluetooth. However, you might need to update both your windows and devices. You can always visit the windows website or check the manufacture to work on it. Moreover, for best performance, you have to check for the specs of your controller. If you do not have the latest gear, you can always come to the Xbox store and upgrade them. However, there are limited devices that you can connect your xbox with. If you are fond of PCs, tablets and laptops, then you are lucky, since most of the brands are able to get connected. But, you need to wait for xbox company’s update if you are longing to connect it with headphones. Most of bluetooth that xbox one has does not support for such attachments or additional features, such as chatpads or Xbox Stereo Adapter. But, the good news is that you can connect it with your phones, especially you who use Samsung, for you can stay fancy by connecting your Xbox with the Samsung Gear VR. Answering does the Xbox One have bluetooth is an easy task, although the features are still limited.


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