Bluetooth Speakers At Costco

Friday, May 12th 2017. | Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers At CostcoDo you love listening to music? If you like it, you require bluetooth speakers at Costco.  This embeds wireless and Bluetooth features to maximize the performance. Those features ease you to hear music through this speaker. You just put it on the desk and turn it on for listening to the music.

Specifications of Bluetooth Speakers At Costco

Bluetooth speakers at Costco have black and white color looking so classy and mysterious. You can enjoy wireless feature from this speaker because it is connected wirelessly from smartphone and table. This can be enjoyed without a cable. The stereo speaker is very powerful and strong to enjoy music in smart way. The frequency range is about 100Hz to 20Khz with 6 Ohm input Bluetooth wireless. The power supply of this Bluetooth speaker is DC 9V 1.5A dimension.

Superiority of Bluetooth Speakers At Costco

As a recommended product of Bluetooth speakers at Costco, this speaker has some positive opinions making people impressed. This is a deserve Bluetooth product with easy setting. It is connected easily to smartphone and tablet devices to enjoy music without the use of cable. It has strong and powerful stereo speaker enabling you to enjoy sound from your smartphone with the connection of Bluetooth. The speaker is used to explore music, film, and rich stereo sound features.

The wireless connection provides 30 feet range to send wireless sound to the speaker. This is used to give freedom for the users from docking or cable. It has a stylish design with minimalist concept giving total control from source devices. Some colors are available including white and black to match to your smartphone.

How to Use Bluetooth Speakers At Costco

To use Bluetooth speakers at Costco, it is very easy. You just reset once before using it for the first time. After that, it is working well to your android, smartphone or tablet device. This is producing sound clearly without making messy.

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