Bluetooth Speaker With Headphone Jack

Saturday, April 29th 2017. | Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speaker With Headphone JackFor those who cannot live without music, Bluetooth Speaker With Headphone Jack is not only a necessity, but also a must have. It is incredibly compact which makes it possible for you to fit it in your bag or backpack. That hiking and camping trip over the weekend with your best friends? No problem. This bluetooth speaker is extremely lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about extra weight to carry during your trip – with just a little over 1.5 pounds, you can barely feel having a speaker in your backpack.

Some of you may wonder why would anyone feel the need to purchase a Bluetooth Speaker With Headphone Jack when they can listen to music anytime and anywhere they want using the headphones that they all already own. Sure, anyone can listen to music using their trusty headphones – we all love the beat thumping bass and clear audio after all, right? But what would happen if you were in a social setting, such as a camping trip as mentioned, where everyone gathered around the bonfire socializing? Wouldn’t you be mistaken for an arrogant, anti-social individual who would only sit with their headphones on? Or, you might be able to ditch music for a moment during the gathering, but why do that when you could liven up the atmosphere with a good music?

Blasting music from your handheld device would not be good enough as the sound your phone’s speaker produce is subpar – this is where having a high quality bluetooth speaker comes in handy. The bluetooth pairing can be done easily, and the deep bass and incredible sound it produces makes for a great listening experience! The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries also last 10 hours of continuous use, and better yet? At an affordable price, this Bluetooth Speaker With Headphone Jack comes with connectivity ports to use for non-bluetooth devices.

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