Bluetooth Safety Headphones

Tuesday, May 23rd 2017. | Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Safety

Bluetooth Safety HeadphonesHearing loss is irreversible and incurable condition, thus, it is important to use hearing protection if you are constantly exposed with high decibel noises. Nowadays, Bluetooth safety headphones become popular in the market. They are not only protecting the hearing, but they also have function like regular Bluetooth headphones, for example, the ability to answer the calls and have AM/FM radio reception. Here are few Bluetooth safety headphones with great features and functions.

3M Work Tunes Bluetooth safety headphone

3M Work Tunes is perfect for homeowners who want to protect their hearing when mowing their lawn or for those who occasionally need hearing protection. It can reduce the noise up to 24dB. It is compatible to Android and iOS devices which means you can stream audio from your devices. It receive AM/FM radio signal that will be handy when you go to sporting event. It doesn’t have microphone so you cannot answer the calls that coming to your phone, though it will turn off the music as the way to tell you that your device has incoming calls.

3M Peltor WS100 Bluetooth safety headphone

This headphone is included in the best Bluetooth safety headphones for worker. It can reduce loud noise from machinery, but it can enhance the sound of speech. So, a worker still can hear someone speaking amid the loud noises in the environment. It has microphone to directly answer the calls that coming to your device. Bluetooth connectivity give you access to stream audio and listen to online radio stations through your phone.

3M Peltor WS Tactical Sport Bluetooth safety headphone

This headphone is the best choice for those who love hunting or attending sport events. 3M Peltor WS Tactical Sport have an ability to reduce the loud noise from gunshots, but it can amplify the surrounding sounds. So, you still can hear the sound of your prey. Therefore, it is no surprise if this headphone is included in the recommended Bluetooth safety headphones.

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