Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

Tuesday, May 2nd 2017. | Bluetooth Helmet

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet SpeakersIf there is one item I can advise any biker or motorbike enthusiast to purchase, it must be Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers. It may seem like a controversial advice to some, especially bikers who question the need of having helmet with bluetooth connectivity as they believe bluetooth can affect their laser focus and, worse, their health in the long run. While the latter has been proven as a baseless assumption, I can understand why they question the need. This is mostly due to the fact that they are unaware of what these helmets are capable of. Instead of distracting, helmets with bluetooth connectivity surprisingly comes with a lot of benefits.

Take this stunning Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers for instance. With its full face option and sturdy built with high quality material, this helmet is not only capable of protecting your head during a fall as it is extremely rugged, but also very comfortable to wear. As you can see, the helmet is completed with a comfort liner that is cut and contoured using the latest laser cutting technology. Its drop down visor does not only open and close smoothly, it also instantly locks right into its place to prevent the visor from popping up when you ride at an incredibly high speed.

What makes this helmet special? The bluetooth connectivity. How many times have you had to pull off and stop to pickup a phonecall? Countless, I assume. This helmet is equipped with bluetooth and also built in microphone. There’s an incoming call? Just tap the communication control on the helmet and talk while you continue riding. This control can be used to answer, reject, or redial even with a gloved hand! Not only that, this Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers can be connected to bluetooth in 500 meter range and it allows for more than 30 hours of talk time.


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