Bluetooth Locker Lock

Monday, May 1st 2017. | Bluetooth Lock

Bluetooth Locker LockBeing a forgetful person is never fun as it leads me to a series of trouble, but since I own Bluetooth Locker Lock at least now that I have one less problem to deal with. I can’t tell you how much this product saves my life but, for someone who gets distracted easily and always manages to lose keys at the worst possible moment, this incredible padlock is a lifesaver.

This Bluetooth Locker Lock comes with a physical padlock, but instead giving you a physical key to go with it, this padlock comes with a digitalized credentials which is stored in your handheld devices such as your smartphone or tablet. This credential can easily be accessed via the wireless bluetooth technology – so not only can you rest easy knowing that you will never ever have to worry about losing your locker key again, this technology also can also ensure your safety better than a mechanical padlock. No one can access your locker other than you and people you have given permission to. That’s right, this wireless padlocks can be used by others too, but only if you give them the credentials from your phone. Are you in a hurry and forget important file in your locker? Simply grant your colleague a permission to access the padlock from your phone, when they’re done, you can delete their credential from your phone and they won’t be able to access the padlock again.

Now, one of the most asked questions would be “what happens when, say, someone stole your smartphone?” While it’s unfortunate, it doesn’t mean you must forcefully break into your locker. This Bluetooth Locker Lock comes with a quick click backup option that you can use when you’re trapped in this situation – with a combination of long and short clicks on its shackle, you can easily lock and unlock your padlock.

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