Bluetooth Implant : No Limits

Thursday, April 6th 2017. | Implant

Bluetooth ImplantIn the last decade, technology has been developed rapidly that we can even make the impossible to be possible, such Bluetooth Implant. Along with the craziness that technology development brings, you might as well have heard of the term grinder: people who push through past their limits to break through the capacity of human’s body. Inspired by the wireless bluetooth, the scientists and entrepreneurs on technology are urged to make one of a kind, to implant the bluetooth inside your ear to stay connected with music and the programs that your devices have.

As scary as it sounds, Bluetooth Implant is not as hurt as you may imagine. You can supress the pain by minimalizing the risks, whereas you can smoothen the process of implanting the bluetooth inside your ears. They only have to stick the magnet on the outside of your tragus — a side of your ear just in front of the canal ears. This magnet works as speakers, while the coil put on around the neck functions as the tool to transmit the wave into the ears.

Different with wearing wireless bluetooth, you cannot easily adjust the volume of the speakers inside your ears by Bluetooth Implant. The only way for you to increase or decrease the volume is by moving the implanted bluetooth microchip closer to the eardrums. The moment where the coils gets closer to the bluetooth implant, you will hear louder sounds. However, according to the World Health Organization, Bluetooth Implant, just like many other electronic tools that are able to be wore are not suggested to be taken, for it might risk your health due to the radiation if you are going to use them in a long run, as it will damage your vital organs and causes deadly illness due to the wave length.

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