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Sunday, May 14th 2017. | Bluetooth Hoodie

Bluetooth HoodieBluetooth hoodie was regarded to be useless. But, today it is claimed as a savior to listen to the music and songs comfortably. You can use it when you lay your head on the pillow while you are listening to music. That is so fantastic and enjoyable. You can listen to music everywhere.

Specifications of Bluetooth Hoodie

Bluetooth Hoodie is a new technology to listen to music comfortably. This is a medium to do that activity. This is available in black color.  It is sold at £ 25.99 and free delivery. The item weight of this hoodie is 399 gram. Pillow case and hoodie material is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Pillow material takes PVC material to make it. Bluetooth feature takes BQB Bluetooth series with rated power up to 10 mW x 2. Battery is 100mAh rechargeable for over 5 hours play time.

What Makes You Deal with Bluetooth Hoodie?

There are some things making you select this hoodie. Bluetooth hoodie has a bigger size. It enables to protect privacy and hamper light. The U pillow makes you sleep soundly while listening to music. The hoodie is easily removable to wash. But, U pillow cannot be washed. You should concern it. You can activate SIRI on IOS devices as a command. This hoodie has built – in microphone. This is aimed at using hands free talking and very compatible to all devices with Bluetooth feature. The product is possibly rechargeable with micro USB universal cable. That is practical and efficient to use for longer time.

How to Use Bluetooth Hoodie

How do you use Bluetooth hoodie correctly? It seems to be the most asked question. To use it, you should set the setting and plug it into the smartphone or the other electronics devices. Then, put it on your neck. You still listen to music comfortably using this Bluetooth hoodie.

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