Bluetooth Bike Lock

Sunday, April 30th 2017. | Bluetooth Lock

Bluetooth Bike LockIn this day and age where we rely on technology so much, the invention of Bluetooth Bike Lock is way long overdue. Some bikers would probably wince and question “why fix it if it’s not broken?” upon hearing a bike lock with bluetooth connectivity. Yes, a mechanical bike lock we have been using for as long as we can remember does the job, and it does the job incredibly well – but before you decide to forego this astounding invention of the year, let’s take a moment to look back and remember the problems you have encountered in the past. I think we all can agree that at least once in our lives, we happened to forget our combination code or worse, we managed to lose our lock key. So what did we do when we faced one of these issues? We forcefully cut the lock using either a hacksaw or angle-grinder – not a fun experience.

With this Bluetooth Bike Lock we no longer have to worry about being mistaken for a bike thief for trying to cut up the lock of our own bike. How is it even possible? Simple. Because this awesome bike lock comes with no key and everything is connected to our handheld device using bluetooth technology!

All we have to do is place the keyless U-lock and press the button, then it instantly searches for our phone and once connected, it will be instantly locked. Want it unlocked? Repeat the same thing. Very easy to use. And if you ever forget your phone, the U-lock comes with instant click code on its side, to lock or unlock all you have to do is tap a series of dots and dashes you have set. Better yet? The Bluetooth Bike Lock comes with an alarm, should a thief tries to tamper with it, it will blare loudly for 30 seconds – enough to scare them away!

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