Blue Parrot Bluetooth Headset

Wednesday, May 10th 2017. | Bluetooth Headset

Blue Parrot Bluetooth HeadsetYou certainly have heard of the Blue Parrot Bluetooth headset. It is a device that is known for its ability to deliver aggressive ambient noise. It comes with Extreme Suppression technology that allows its advanced noise-cancelling microphone to function properly. This way, you can always hear clear voice anytime you want because this technology improves communication by eliminating the background noise. So, even you though you make a call while being in noise environment.

Its flexible microphone allows you to have optimal sound quality. Its comfortable and lightweight design makes it so easy for you to wear the headphones for hours every day. Thanks to Blue Parrot Bluetooth headset roadworthy durability that it allows the device to be durable for years while standing up to everyday’s use. With its one button control, it is very easy to turn it on and off, to pair and to call or answer a call. Meanwhile, its adjustable headband allows custom and stable fit.

Overall, this newest series has gone through many improvements compared to the last series. Its noise cancelling is also among the improved feature. So, you can always expect excellent performance anytime you use. Its weight is considered light that you will find it very light when using it on your ear. With 24 hours straight of talk time, this device definitely has gone through improvement because the previous model was only able to last for 16 hours straight. With this new series, you are given with two different ear pad choices. This way, you can easily choose the ear pad you want to get the feel and noise isolation that you need. The previous series of Blue Parrot Bluetooth headset comes with old barrel style connector for charging but this latest series comes with USB charging. Moreover, it also welcomes HP Voice Support to make sure that the sound quality is always excellent.

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