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Saturday, March 18th 2017. | Bluetooth Helmet

BiLT Bluetooth Helmet BiLT Bluetooth Helmet

“Why should I wear BiLT Bluetooth Helmet when I already have one – albeit without bluetooth connectivity?” is one of the questions asked by many riders and motorcycle enthusiasts. We all know the importance of wearing a helmet when we ride our motorbike, it does not matter we are riding to do some grocery shopping or we are riding to race or purposely hit the slopes with our buddies over the weekend. Helmet is simply a must have essential, and not wearing it is the biggest mistake a rider can ever commit. Not only is helmet able to give your head the protection it needs, it is also able to give you the sense of safety – just by knowing that you already have yourself covered should any unwanted incident were to take place. No one knows what the future holds, and isn’t it always better to be safe than sorry?

While traditional helmets may give you the protection you need to avoid head injuries and a plethora of other things, they come with a set of limitations. In this day and age, where technology has become more advanced, almost every aspect in life can be improved with a touch of it – the same applies to our passion that is riding. The latest invention in technology can be implemented to improve our riding experience, and this is exactly what BiLT Bluetooth Helmet has done – by combining the safety of a high quality helmet and bluetooth device that is compatible with any gadget. Made of high quality molded polycarbonate-shell, completed with stunning metallic paint with either flat matte or double lacquer finish to suit your liking and also flip/down tinted sun-shield, this most technologically-advanced helmet does not only protect your most vital body part, but also comes with various incredible features as follows:

  • Turn-by-turn GPS navigational instruction
  • MP3 connectivity
  • Rider-to-pillion or rider-to-rider intercom
  • Mobile phone communication

Many riders tend to quickly dismiss the idea of getting a helmet with a bluetooth because the do not see the need for a bluetooth – “do not fix what’s not broken” is what we often say when we resist change. However, these riders who dismiss the need of a good bluetooth helmet most likely do not have an idea of the advantages they may get with it. We all love to show off our ride, but it is not a reason to skip choosing the best for our head gear. Safety always comes first. There are a wide selection of helmets in the market nowadays, while the purpose of those helmets is the same in that they are made for safety purposes, each of them caters to different specific needs. Choosing a good quality helmet may not be difficult as you only have to pick one that is suitable to your preferences, but more often than not, when these ‘preferences’ are brought up, majority of riders do not seem to touch the communication issue. Hence, the reason why many do not seem to care about the bluetooth option in a helmet. However, having a bluetooth helmet is a game changer. Below is a list of reason why we, riders, need a good bluetooth helmet such as BiLT Bluetooth Helmet:

The ability to stay in touch

The most impressive feature of BiLT Bluetooth Helmet is, without a doubt, its ability to give us the option to stay in touch wherever we are without having to stop and take off our helmet. At one point in our lives, we have encountered that moment where we were enjoying a great ride or where we were in a hurry because we were trying to get to our destination on time, and an important phone call either from a relative or colleague came in. At that situation, we could either pull off the road to pick up the call or ignore it altogether. With this remarkable bluetooth helmet, you no longer have to deal with that issue since you can easily pick up the call while continue your journey.

Full protection

The BiLT Bluetooth Helmet is highly regarded in the industry due to its ability to not only meet, but also exceed the DOT standards. Made of high quality polycarbonate shell that is molded using a high technology, with a double D-ring safety fastening-belt, chin deflector and fully removable lining, chin-mounted airflow ventilation that is multifunctional, as well as metal latching system and a modular flip up design – it’s no wonder that this bluetooth helmet is widely considered as one of the best helmets in terms of safety and connectivity.

Assurance that we will never get lost

BiLT Bluetooth Helmet does not only protect us from various elements we may be exposed to during our ride, it also ensures we never have to shout at the top of our lungs when we must ask our riding partner for directions or anything that is crucial or important in nature. With traditional helmet, we must take off our helmet to talk to someone as it covers our entire face – not with this bluetooth helmet. All we have to do is synchronizing it and using the built-in microphone embedded in it to get our point across. On top of that, this bluetooth helmet is also operating under an intergrated GPS navigation control. The GPS system itself is connected to your headpiece, this way you do not have to pull over for a stop and to check your GPS if you ride on your own. Just set your direction, and the turn-by-turn navigation will be instantly delivered to you through its in-ear piece.

When it comes safety, you must never think twice. However it is easy to fall prey on marketing ploy which often had us break our savings to buy a supposedly superior quality product which later we found out to be less than good enough as it did not do anything it had claimed. Always go for a trustworthy brand with good and honest reviews. A quick research online will bring you to many testimonials about how this BiLT Bluetooth Helmet has saved their lives during a crash as well as how solid and superior the built and its bluetooth connectivity is.

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