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Wednesday, April 5th 2017. | Under 300

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 300

Who will not love blasting their ears off with Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 300? It may be everyone’s dream: to own fancy speakers as your daily companion, as your pocket will stay healthy! Here are some speakers that you should have!

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 300 #1: Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom

Comes in a slim body with elegant colors: black and white, Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom will be the perfect choice to cheer up the atmosphere! Not only does it have a good design, but it also has great sound that will spoil your eardrums, allowing you to boost up your muse throughout the day! Moreover, you do not have to fuss with cables, since it is wireless! What is so excellent about this product is that you can use this everywhere, since it has an impresive durability as it is resistant to water. You can also adjust the volume easily while taking phone calls, for it provides additional features to connect twith your smartphone! You can stay intact with your beloved even in the middle of the party!

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 300 #2: Creative Sound Blaster Roar

This one might be a little bit pricey compared to Ultimate Ears. However, you can get many more features in your hands, such as a voice recoreder and an internal MP3 player. Not only that, it also provides siren and many types of sound modes — where you can arrange by yourself to fit your mood. You do not even have to doubt about the quality. Come with a good bass sound, you will be able to enlighten your days with this speaker! Moreover, you will find two amplifiers and five drivers inside the body of the speaker with a long lasting battery, which is very good! Of course you do not want it to be shut down when you are about to have fun, right? Plus, being a wireless speaker, Creative Sound Blaster Roar deserves to be one of the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 300!

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