Auvio Bluetooth Headset Reviews and Specs

Tuesday, March 28th 2017. | Bluetooth Headset

Auvio Bluetooth Headset

Brand Review

Auvio Bluetooth Headset is one of brands you can simply see and find in the market. Being released many accessories for gadgets tend to make the products by Auvio known for its high quality. For the Bluetooth headset itself, Auvio has released some of them with different series and also colors. Sure, it is mainly to satisfy the customers more. The customers of gadgets accessories are now not only for them the young adults and teenagers but also the elder people in fact. There are some types of Bluetooth headset by Auvio that are already in the market now. The designs are various. Meanwhile, the technology of Bluetooth featured makes the headset tends to be more sophisticated on its class. Some of the top rates Bluetooth headset and headphone by Auvio is already available in many stores now. So, if you are interested in having it, just order it by now.


There are some main specifications available on this Bluetooth headset. The Bluetooth feature provided allow the user to listen to the music and other audio files within an approximately 30 feet or range with no cords. Besides, it is compatible as well with any Bluetooth device whether it is iOS and Android. The devices to be connected to the headset can also be various including the Smartphone, tablets, laptops, and even your computer which has been integrated to the Bluetooth. Even if this device has a very small dimension, it has complete features that you really need. Despite its main function as the way how you can simply listen to the music privately, there are also some other features. It has 5 hours of talk time. It is really good and effective for sure by remembering that we may want to use it for a long time without any disturbs from low battery and others. Still related to the battery, there is the auto off function to extend the battery life. This feature is really useful mainly if you are already in a vacation or something that make you difficult to charge your device too often.

Dealing with the communication like phone, it can transfer between two incoming calls more easily due to the button available which is also really easy to handle and switch. For the Bluetooth connection, the profile is supported by some types, they are the HSP, HFP, A2DP, as well as the AVRCP. It means that it is really compatible whatever the device and program you have and use. The voice provided is very convenient that they can tell you whether it is pairs or the powers are in on or off conditions. It features also with multipoint technology so that the headset can even connect or pair two 2 Bluetooth devices at once. The type of Bluetooth applied here is the newest one, it is V4.) with operating distance up to 30 in general or even 30 feet of length.

How about the microphone? It has Omni-directional microphone with noise or echo cancellation. It has standby time up to 90 hours while the operation time up to 10 hours and music play time up to more than 7 hours. It is clear then if this device has a very long operation time. Sure, you should not worry about the charging time as it is only need about one hour until the battery is full. For the appearance itself, this headset looks so sleek and sophisticated. More than that, it has folds flat with carry case that ease you more while carrying anywhere you want. There are some colors available including black, white, silver, blue, and red.


There are some plus points that we may be able to conclude after reading the specifications above. The first is related to its appearance. In these modern days, people may love something that looks simple and sleek more as it is seen from the Auvio Bluetooth headset. Without too many unimportant accents, it just makes this headset looks really sophisticated. Another plus is about how you can use it for a really long time. Sure, it is basically not recommended for your ears. But if we see it from the perspective of the headset, it is certainly really cool and advantageous. You may not worry then if the device can be easily damaged for this matter. In fact, even if you use it for a very long time, there will be no any problem at all. Interestingly, even if you can use it for hours, you don’t need a very long time to charge and let the battery full. It seems that an hour charging is quite good and fast for a gadget that is able to survive up to 90 hours. It is still recommended for you then not to charge the headset after the battery is really empty. It can just lessen its main superiority for being longer lasting.

Not only the plus or excellence is in term of the specification, this device is also really easy to set up.  It means you don’t need to spend longer time just to pair between two devices or more. If you realize it, it is basically a common problem experienced by the gadget users when they want to connect two or more devices via Bluetooth. The newest technology applied makes this headset tends to be easier to use without any problem of pairing.

How to Use It

As it has been mentioned above, this device is really easy to use even if you are not experienced enough in term of gadgets – well, it can be for those the elder people. At the beginning of its use, you may only need to prepare all the devices needed including your Smartphone, Tablet, laptop, as well as the headset itself. The pairing can be done between the headsets with two other devices at once. Make sure that all of the devices have the built-in Near Field Communication properly. Next, touch it against the device you want to device. For the next usage of Auvio Bluetooth headset, it can be much easier anyway.


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