Auvio Bluetooth Headphones Reviews and Specs

Thursday, March 23rd 2017. | Bluetooth Headphones

Auvio Bluetooth Headphones Product of Auvio Bluetooth Headphones can be listed on your options when hunting a right choice of the Bluetooth headphone. Perhaps, it sounds so common for anyone who often hunts the wide ranges of the headphones for their needs. However, for some people who do not do the same, it may be something rare and even some of us did not hear about the brand yet before. There are wide ranges of brands for the various types of headphones including the Bluetooth headphones in the market. When you are in need of the Bluetooth headphones, then you need to find out more information about the Bluetooth headphones including some references or recommendations of the products with the complete reviews. They are going to be really helpful in getting some overview regarding to some quality products that you can choose to obtain. You will have some options which can be on your list to consider.

If you are looking for the products of Bluetooth headphones online, you will find some popular brands including the brand called Auvio. It is much better to know more about the brand first before getting some information about the products of the Bluetooth headphones. The Auvio Bluetooth Headphones can be one of the options to consider but knowing well about the brand first will be really helpful to get an overview related to its products. For your information, below is some helpful information related to the products of Bluetooth headphones by Auvio including about the brand.

About Auvio

Auvio is a brand which provides the wide ranges of products related to the audio and video. This brand is actually based in Fort Worth, Texas. Some of their products are including the cables, HDMI cables, and of course Auvio Bluetooth Headphones. There are wide ranges of products which can be found from this brand. If you are searching for the products from this brand, you will find a lot of types of the products which will be really easy to find, especially if you go online. This brand is popular among people who are in the audio and video industry. That may be one of the reasons why this brand is completely popular and easy to find, especially online. When you are looking for the Bluetooth headphones, you would not find various choices from the brand but you can consider it as one of the quality products to notice. Still, you have to know about the product first before deciding, at least you can read the reviews and get some overviews about the Bluetooth headphone by Auvio as the consideration.

Auvio Buetooth Headphone Specs

If you are looking for the Bluetooth headphone products from Auvio, you may not find the various products since we only can find one type or model for the Bluetooth headphone. However, you can find other models for the general headphones from Auvio. Still, the Auvio Bluetooth Headphones can be considered as one of the options which you can choose so that you will have the right choice of the product of Bluetooth headphone then. Still, getting the information about the specs will be really needed before you go to get one. Here are some specs you need to know about the Bluetooth headphone by Auvio:

  • Wireless headphone with the Bluetooth connection.
  • The range of the Bluetooth coverage is about more than 90cm.
  • Foldable into the flat shape for the easy carrying.
  • The Bluetooth headphone can operate until about ten hours, while for the music play and talk time, it will last till about 7 ½ hours. The standby time is around 90 hours in maximum.
  • This Bluetooth headphone needs about an hour to be fully charged.

In addition to the features or specs mentioned above about the Auvio Bluetooth Headphones, this headphone is compatible for any kinds of the devices. That is including for the Android operating system and iOS tablet PCs, smartphones, and computers. So, you would not need to worry whether what kind of devices which you have as long as they have the Bluetooth connection feature.

Some Good Points of Auvio Bluetooth Headphone

There are some good points which the users will find in using the Auvio Bluetooth Headphones. Sure, it is the important parts when we are looking for the right products that we need, as like the Bluetooth headphone. Some of the good points of this product of Bluetooth headphone are:

  1. This Bluetooth headphone offers the great yet clear quality sound.
  2. The design of this Bluetooth headphone is also awesome for its portability. That is because it has the design which is foldable into the flat shape so that if you love to bring it anywhere, it would not take much of your space. The risk of getting damaged will also be lower as well. You only need to put the folded device into the case and place it into your bag.
  3. This Bluetooth headphone also does not need long time to be fully charged since it can be full within only an hour.
  4. The music play and also talk time is almost up to about eight hour.
  5. This Bluetooth headphone is also compatible to most of all the Bluetooth devices with any kinds of operating system, including Android OS and iOS.

How to use the Auvio Bluetooth Headphone

Another good thing which actually the users will experience about the Auvio Bluetooth Headphones is related to the simplicity in operating the Bluetooth headphone. What you only need to do is to pair it to your device by activating the Bluetooth. That will take only couples of minutes or even seconds only. Sure, it will be really fast. There is also the button on the headset sides which gives you simplicity in controlling it.

Some Choices of Auvio Bluetooth Headphones

As mentioned before, the models or types of the Bluetooth headphone by Auvio are not various. However, for the Bluetooth headphones, you will find some options. With the same features, you can find some alternatives of the designs, particularly for the colours. Some colours which you can find for the product are black, red, and blue. Thus, you will be able to get the Auvio Bluetooth Headphones in your favourite colours.

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