Alpine Cde 143Bt Bluetooth Pairing

Wednesday, March 29th 2017. | Troubleshooting

Alpine Cde 143Bt Bluetooth PairingAlpine Cde 143Bt Bluetooth pairing instruction is what you need if you want to pair your device with secure simple pairing. It will be confusing if you don’t know how to deal with this Bluetooth pairing method. Because of that just check the instruction below and apply it step by step.


Bluetooth Pairing with Alpine Cde 143Bt Bluetooth Pairing and Secure Simple Pairing

The first thing to do is turn on your Bluetooth compatible device. Then, try to find the available Bluetooth device. There are three different Bluetooth pairing methods you can use and one of them is Alpine Cde 143Bt Bluetooth pairing. Now, you have to check the rotary encoder. If you don’t do anything with this rotary encoder, you will see “Pair No”. Because you want to use it, you have to change the position from “Pair No” into “Pair Yes”. When you have change the instruction into “Pair Yes” just press “Enter”. If the Bluetooth pairing is done, you can to stop the pairing feature. Just change the “Pair Yes” back into “Pair No” to disconnect or cancel the process. It is a must to make sure that the pairing is done successfully. The sign of a success Bluetooth pairing by using alpine Cde 143Bt Bluetooth pairing is that you can see the word “Connected”. This sign only appear a few seconds.

Bluetooth Pairing with Alpine Cde 143Bt Bluetooth Pairing without Secure Simple Pairing

There is also a case that you don’t need to pair with secure simple pairing. Actually, the steps to do it are also easy just like when it is paired with secure simple pairing. The thing you should do first is turn on the Bluetooth compatible device. Use the Bluetooth to find the available device. In this step, you still have to choose Alpine Cde 143Bt Bluetooth pairing. When it is ready, you have to input the pin code. In this case, the pin code is “0000” and it is considered as a fixed pin code. You have to input this code in your Bluetooth compatible device. In this process you will also see the same sign “Connected” if the pairing process is successful.

The Steps to Take If the Bluetooth Pairing Is Failed

There is a case that the process is unsuccessful. The sign is different in which you will see “Failed” sign. Try to do the step from the beginning until you see “Connected” sign. Besides seeing the “Connected” sign if you take Alpine 143Bt Bluetooth pairing, you will also see that the two devices which you want to pair are connected automatically. It is better for you to set the “Visible M” into “Visi M On”. The purpose of changing the setting is to make the device easily recognized by the Bluetooth compatible device.

How to Solve Failed Bluetooth Pairing

How about if you can’t pair your Bluetooth device? As stated previously that you will see “Failed” sign. Actually, you don’t need to worry about that because you can try different method. Because you are using Alpine Cde 143Bt Bluetooth pairing, you should follow the instructions here. What you have to do is pressing and holding the audio button for a few seconds. Then, you will see the “Setup” menu. From the “Setup” menu, choose the “Bluetooth” and then “Enter”. Now, change your direction into the “Volume” control. In this step, you will see “Paired Dev” choose it and press “Enter”. There is a possibility that you see several paired devices and you can choose one of them by scrolling the volume control. Because there are several paired devices, you should delete the unused. The way to do it is by selecting the paired devices you want to delete and then press “Enter”. Just find the “Clear” button and choose it by the volume control. The last thing to clear it is pressing “Enter”. In this step, you can read a cleared message. Then, choose the “Yes” button by using the volume control. To make an action, you just need to press “Enter”. You can do the same thing if you want to delete multiple devices. If everything is done and you want to finish the process just hold the audio button for three seconds. After three seconds, you will exit from the “Setup”. You can start the steps above from the beginning anytime you want to pair Bluetooth especially by using Alpine Cde 134Bt Bluetooth pairing. Hopefully, the instructions explained here help you to pair Bluetooth easily. Even if you can’t do it successfully, you know how handle the problem and you can pair Bluetooth.

The Uses of Bluetooth Pairing

When you are successfully pairing your Bluetooth by using Alpine Cde 134Bt Bluetooth pairing, you can do anything with the active Bluetooth. For example, you want to transfer files from your device to the other devices. You can do it faster by transferring the files with Bluetooth. This is because Bluetooth is wireless way to transfer the files. It is very important if you don’t have USB cable to transfer the files. Sometimes, it is not the best one especially if you want to transfer music but it is okay to transfer pictures or photos. Bluetooth is not only useful to transfer from smartphone to smartphone. More than that, you can also transfer from smartphone to computer and it is known as “Tethering”. Sometimes, you have to use Wi-Fi but if it is impossible to do, you can just take Bluetooth as the solution. The best part of Bluetooth tethering is that you don’t have to consume a lot of battery if it is compare to Wi-Fi tethering. There is also a condition where you have to accept a phone call and it is impossible for you to use your hand or use USB cable. To solve this condition, you just need to use your Bluetooth. By using Bluetooth pairing device, you can receive a phone call wirelessly. If you love music, don’t forget to manage your Bluetooth well. This is because by using Bluetooth you can receive audio or music via Bluetooth. Bluetooth can also support the use of parts of your device. Those are including mice, keyboards, gamepad, and also printer. So, if you want to turn on your Bluetooth and pairing it, just consider using Alpine Cde 134Bt Bluetooth pairing.

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