2XL Bluetooth Speaker Features and Specs

Friday, March 17th 2017. | Bluetooth Speakers

2XI Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to audio speaker, a good quality and crisp sound is a must. Of course, additional features like Bluetooth connection adds more values to the speaker like the high selling 2XL Bluetooth Speaker. Well, this is a qualified speaker that offers a variety of features and systems for more satisfying use. The size of this unit may be small yet its performance is beyond the average. This is a speaker that delivers superb sound quality and makes your time more enjoyable.

Who should use this 2XL Bluetooth Speaker? Anyone will certainly be looking forward for using this speaker especially the travelers and backpackers. You certainly know that music is inseparable part of everyone’s lives especially for those who are traveling or spending holidays. Listening to the music is simply the best way to enjoy the moment. This is basically the reason why Bluetooth speaker makes the perfect choice. The best thing about this speaker is its portability and wireless freedom. Yes, with this speaker, there is no need for you to use wire to connect your device to the speaker. So, while you do any activities, you can simply turn on the speaker and listen to your most favorite songs.

At the same time, speaker with Bluetooth connection offers a less costly unit with much easier care and maintenance. This speaker doesn’t bother you with taking good care of the wire. Once you have done listening to the music, simply turn it off and keep 2XL Bluetooth Speaker on the table. Of course, there is still so many more from this best selling speaker. Judging from the appearance, it definitely has a lot of surprising features to offer. Apparently, it is so true considering a variety of very functional features are waiting in line ready to be activated and used.

The 2XL Skullcandy Bluetooth speaker makes the most popular 2XL Bluetooth Speaker available in the market. The Skullcandy has been sold worldwide and received high amount of sales which simply shows how high quality of this speaker is. Launched first in India, this speaker now has been one of the most favorite speaker units in the world. It is a unique unit with excellent portability. As a unit, it comes with a variety of features for more satisfying use. The quality and features of this unit are worth to buy. And with its price, it even makes a better deal.

Features of 2XL Skullcandy Bluetooth Speaker

Are you curious of the detailed features and systems that this 2XL Bluetooth Speaker unit from Skullcandy has to offer? It will certainly be very interesting matter to discuss. Let’s start with the color. For this newest model, there are two different colors available, black and blue. Even the manufacturer carefully chose the color in order to deliver sophisticated looking speaker. And the choices of black and blue are certainly appropriate. With these two different colors, you get the chance to use cool speaker anytime and anywhere you want.

Its most important feature, the Bluetooth connection works very well. With this system, it is very easy for you to stream the entire music library to this speaker. It only a few seconds for the speaker to working. Of course, it is such a great way to let yourself relaxed. At the same time, 2XL Bluetooth Speaker also allows you to save your time as it doesn’t require you to do manual setting. This unit is connected wirelessly so it is completely hassle free. Your room will also be clutter free because there is no wire that covers your sight. Anywhere you look, your room will be looking completely neat.

Here is another great thing about this portable 2XL Bluetooth Speaker. It has great data transfer ability that takes only around 30 seconds. This is such an achievement. And, feel free to connect it with any Bluetooth enabled devices including printers, phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. Therefore, there is no limitation in terms of using this device for fun and entertainment. It doesn’t matter how you want to enjoy and make use of this speaker unit, you always get what you want.

Apparently, the list of the feature still continues. This time, it is about its design. Yes, it offers compact design that allows you to easily carry and put your speaker anywhere you do. This design concept is what you need for higher functionality and portability. Keeping the 2XL Bluetooth Speaker inside your bag is something easy to handle. At the same time, you will not worry about anything as it comes wirelessly. This way, there will be no mess inside your bag. Furthermore, every time you listen through this speaker, you can make use of the volume and tack control for more convenient while listening. Perhaps, it is not a feature you can find in other Bluetooth speaker.

Despite of its small size, this 2XL Bluetooth Speaker is actually a fitted speaker to be used in small to medium room. For instance, if you work as teacher and want to let your students to listen to music and other voices as part of the lesson, it makes a perfect choice. Its superior sound quality allows everyone inside the room to hear the music and voice. With this functionality, the speaker unit will be also useful for various purposes and gives you another reason to choose this speaker.

Overall, despite its small size and compact design, 2XL Bluetooth Speaker certainly is packed with a lot of great features. You can even buy the Ringer model which is as small as a ring, just like its name. Yes, this tiny speaker allows you to enjoy high quality sound all day long. Easy control is another additional value of this speaker. You will be even more surprised when knowing the price. The Ringer model is offered for less than $10. Yes, it is that cheap. Imagine what you can get with less than $10, a high quality and well perform audio speaker with Bluetooth connection.

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